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Public Health Partnerships: Integrating Harm Reduction into Public Health Initiatives

This webinar will introduce the concept of harm reduction and its critical role in public health initiatives, especially those focused on HIV prevention and care. The faculty will discuss the evolution of HIV services and strategies for integrating innovative harm reduction approaches into these initiatives.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the importance of harm reduction as a component of wider public health efforts.
  • Describe the types of public health initiatives where harm reduction activities can be integrated.
  • Recognize specific techniques that can be used to facilitate effective integration of harm reduction activities into public health initiatives.
  • Identify the healthcare access points—whether in the community or in a specific institution—in which these techniques can be utilized, and how they can be effectively integrated.


George Kerr III, Founder and CEO, G III Associates, LLC

Launch Date

May 7, 2024

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No credit is offered for this training.


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