Harm Reduction Learning Institute
DC Health
2nd Annual DC Engage Harm Reduction Conference: Justice and Equity for Community Health

Harnessing the Fury: Overcoming Barriers, Unveiling Pathways, and Minimizing Harm

Dive into a discourse centered on the policy limitations impeding the implementation of comprehensive HIV prevention programs for injection drug users. Uncover the pivotal role of policy change as a linchpin of public health action. Explore the transformative potential of research-driven insights and harm reduction approaches in minimizing the deleterious effects of HIV within this marginalized community.

All four 2023 Harm Reduction Conference training sessions must be taken to receive a total of 3.25 credit hours.


Community Mapping and Identifying Priority Populations for HIV Prevention and Care

This 2023 Community Mapping Toolkit for D.C. Organizations details how visualizing health disparities can help outreach programs for HIV prevention. The toolkit explores how community mapping can support your work, what goes into creating a community map, and how to use mapping tools that are available online.