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These comprehensive and diverse resources cover a wide range of Harm Reduction topics, from addiction treatment to overdose prevention. The library contains resources, tools, and information on services for both healthcare providers and the community.

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  • Community Mapping and Identifying Priority Populations for HIV Prevention and Care

    This 2023 Community Mapping Toolkit for D.C. Organizations details how visualizing health disparities can help outreach programs for HIV prevention. The toolkit explores how community mapping can support your work, what goes into creating a community map, and how to use mapping tools that are available online.

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Reducing Harm When Using Drugs

This downloadable PDF provides general harm reduction tips for drug use and information on local harm reduction organizations in the Washington, DC area.

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Family and Medical Counseling Services, Inc.

Family and Medical Counseling Services has two mobile units that provide needle exchange and harm reduction services to some of Washington, DC’s neighborhoods that are impacted by drug use.

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FDA issues warning for products marketed to treat opioid withdrawal

The FDA sent a warning letter to EPH Technologies, accusing it of marketing and selling unapproved drugs.

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Framing Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for Acute Pain: Developing the Evidence

This report recommends two frameworks—an analytic framework and an evidence evaluation framework—that medical professional societies, health care organizations, and state, national, and local agencies could use to develop CPGs for prescribing opioids to manage acute pain.

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Free MAT Trainings for Prescribers

The overarching goal of PCSS is to provide the most effective evidence-based clinical practices in preventing OUD through proper opioid prescribing practices, identifying patients with OUD, and the treatment of opioid use disorder.

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Free NARCAN Nasal Spray

If you need help with your opioid addiction or get connected to resources, call the Live Long DC 24/7 Access HelpLine at 1 (888) 793-4357.

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Getting Off Right: A Safety Manual for Injection Drug Users

A comprehensive manual on safer injection practices

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HHS Guide for Clinicians on the Appropriate Dosage Reduction or Discontinuation of Long-Term Opioid Analgesics

HHS’s guide on dosage reduction, tapering, or discontinuation of long-term opioid analgesics.

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Honoring Individual Power and Strength (HIPS)

HIPS offers syringe exchange services for people who inject drugs, people who inject hormones, and diabetics at their drop-in center and satellite center at the Downtown Day Services Center, as well as on their mobile van.

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How to Get Rid of a Sharps Container

Safe disposal of needles and other sharps used at home, at work, or while traveling.

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Incorporating Opioid Use Disorder Screening and Treatment into HIV and HCV Management

View this slide deck to gain insights on ID specialists and hepatologists’ critical role in addressing the ongoing opioid use disorder (OUD) epidemic and learn practical strategies for incorporating OUD screening, patient evaluation, and treatment into HIV and HCV care settings.

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Local Opioid Prevention and Response: A Primer for Local Health Departments

Local Opioid Prevention and Response: A Primer for Local Health Departments serves to inform local health departments about the domestic opioid epidemic and share success stories from LHDs currently engaged in opioid-related efforts.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Use Disorder in Jails and Prisons: A Planning and Implementation Toolkit

To reduce the risk of opioid overdose and recidivism and to better serve incarcerated individuals with opioid use disorder, the National Council, in partnership with Vital Strategies and faculty from Johns Hopkins University, developed a new resource guide titled Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in Jails and Prisons: A Planning and Implementation Toolkit.

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