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Building Bridges: Stakeholder Identification and Community Engagement

This webinar will provide participants insights and strategies for engaging stakeholder organizations. Faculty will discuss how to identify stakeholders, develop long-lasting and mutually-beneficial partnerships, and work in sync to uplift the communities you serve.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of stakeholder identification in community engagement and its impact on project success.
  • Learn effective strategies for identifying key stakeholders and assessing their needs and interests.
  • Enhance communication skills to effectively convey messages and gather feedback from stakeholders.
  • Gain insights into driving positive outcomes through stakeholder engagement and fostering collaboration within the community.
  • Acquire practical tools and resources for building strong connections and fostering a sense of community ownership in projects.


Kenya Hutton, Deputy Director, Center for Black Equity

Launch Date

May 1, 2024

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No credit is offered for this training.


There is no cost for this training.

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